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NCEC worried about children in detention

The National Catholic Education Commission has attacked the long-term detention of asylum seeker children, describing it as deleterious to their intellecual, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

The Catholic Leader reports that the NCEC is making the accusation in a submission to the Human Rights and Equial Opportunity Commission's enquiry into Children in Immigration Detention.

It is one of more than 200 submissions received by the Commission since it announced the enquiry in November.

The NCEC says it limits its submission to comments on education for children in immigration detention.

The NCEC says it is concerned "that the current conditions in some detention centres are not conducive to good learning".

"The emotional and psychological stress the situation places on both parents and children has a negative impact on educational outcomes."

Submission to the National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention By the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC)
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission: National Enquiry into Children in Immigration Detention
National Catholic Education Commission

Catholic Leader

24 May 2002