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Adelaide Vicar-General says Church must seek opinion of faithful

For its mission to be authentic, the Church must know what people are saying about their faith, the structures of the Church and their community, according to Adelaide Archdiocese vicar-general Fr David Cappo.

Fr Cappo was speaking on Friday at the launch of the Connections for Life kit produced by the National Christian Life Survey.

He said that 'engagement' is 'crucial in the mission of the Church', but knowledge of the opinions and practices of the faithful is a necessary precondition for engagement to be "authentic and life giving".

"There is much in this NCLS to confront, to provoke, to guide us into the future," Fr Cappo said. "The challenge is to do with brave hearts and with a love of the Lord and the Church."

The NCLS is a co-operative venture of 19 denominations across Australia. Over 435 000 church attenders completed the survey. They were joined world-wide by churches in England, USA and New Zealand.

During May, over 7000 participating churches will receive a report that profiles their low situation. Many will take the opportunity to review their life and to plan for a positive future.

The Connections for Life kit of resources will assist churches to assess how effectively they assist people in their spiritual journey, as well as the strength of their connections with each other and with the wider community. Reports will also be produced for regions and for denominations.



20 May 2002