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Adelaide Archbishop's chilling warning on pedophiles

In an account of the modus operandi of pedophiles, Archbishop Philip Wilson has told Adelaide Catholic school principals that paedophiles will take advantage of any confusion in communities and "do anything" to fulfil their goal of having a sexual relationship with a child.

He urged Catholic schools and institutions to be careful not to create a culture where paedophiles can flourish and "move in" on their victims.

Archbishop Wilson described how paedophiles viewed children as prey and were prepared to wait years for the "perfect" child victim to come along.

"They will do anything to ensure they are able to achieve their goals.

"There are paedophiles who have made themselves the best friends of a family, the best workers in a school just so they can get to children."

Archbishop Wilson said he had spoken to victims of child abuse in both Wollongong where he was bishop and in Adelaide as archbishop.

He said he was "frightened" by their stories.

"I have had to sit and listen to these people tell their stories and understand their anguish and the difficulties experienced by these people many years later because their innocence was invaded by somebody who had no real concern for them," he said.

"So my concern from the very beginning of my time as a bishop because of the circumstances (in Wollongong) in which I was placed has been to create an arena of safety for children who are placed in our care; not just in schools but in any area of activity which the church gathers, and gathers together young people.

More than 90 principals from Adelaide and South Australian country schools attended the meeting.

Stringent school checks to be implemented (Southern Cross)

Southern Cross

2 May 2002