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Caritas Australia provides assistance to Caritas Jerusalem

Caritas Australia has provided $40,000 in immediate assistance to Caritas Jerusalem's efforts to assist those affected by the current violence in the Holy Land.

Caritas Jerusalem has a presence in Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Jenin, and will also work through a number of other reputable community-based organisations in the West Bank and Gaza that can target and reach those most at need.

The relief that will be provided will essentially be emergency food and medical supplies, clothing and bedding for those whose possessions have been destroyed during the current fighting and basic repairs to damaged dwellings so that people can continue to live in them.

Caritas Australia has joined the international Caritas network in expressing shock at the violent and frightening events of the last few weeks in the Holy Land, and grief for all of those who have lost their lives, both Israeli and Palestinian.

"Caritas Australia unreservedly condemns both the attacks against the Palestinian people and against Israeli civilians," said Jack de Groot, Caritas Australia National Director.

Caritas Australia
Caritas Jerusalem

Caritas Australia

18 Apr 2002