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Canadian teenager taking gay prom date battle to court

17 year old Marc Hall is lauching a legal battle to take his 21 year old gay partner to a school prom after the Principal at Monsignor John Pereyma High School banned him and his gay date from the event.

He says he and his 21-year-old boyfriend could have gone to the prom separately and met up later, but they wanted to be honest.

Durham Catholic School Board has endorsed the Principal's ban. Chair Mary Martin accused Hall of intolerance.

"In a pluralistic society like Ontario, there's room for different viewpoints and different practices," she said. "However, we consider those who would force their views on us, and have our Board ignore the teachings of the Catholic Church as being intolerant of our religion."

The teenager argued: "My going to the prom with my boyfriend in no way is a threat to Catholic education. Catholic education is protected in the Constitution."

He told trustees he though it would be better to get advanced permission to bring his date to avoid possible disappointment on the night.

Federal Industry Minister Allan Rock is supporting the teenager's legal battle.

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12 Apr 2002