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Armed youths storm PNG retreat house

A gang of up to 25 young men surrounded the retreat house of the Handmaids of the Lord congregation outside Port Moresby in the early hours of last Saturday morning before breaking and entering and looting the premises of property worth $A3108.

The sisters of the indigenous congregation, also known as the Ancilla Domini sisters, issued a statement asking for prayers for themselves and for those who made them suffer.

Sr Catherine Arumu described the incident: "About 20 to 25 young boys surrounded our house, armed with guns, iron bars, stones, and other weapons. We put the alarm on, but it did not stop them. They broke open the security doors outside and inside. The four of us were paralysed and felt frozen, of course, as they were running through the whole house."

The retreat house serves priests, religious and lay people around Port Moresby as a place for retreat and prayer.

Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands

Handmaids of the Lord

12 Apr 2002