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Caritas alarmed by Israeli obstruction of aid to Palestinians

Catholic aid agency Caritas Internationalis has expressed shock at the 'violent and frightening' events happening now in the Holy Land, stressing that it is becoming "increasingly difficult" for aid organisations to provide relief to those who need it.

"The dramatic escalation in fighting over the last two weeks has resulted in a sharp increase in the number of casualties, both Israeli and Palestinian," it said in a statement released this week. "We are grieving for all these innocent people who have so tragically lost their lives."

"Ambulances are being prevented from saving lives and are even being shot at by the Israeli army. Palestinian clinics and hospitals are in need of medicines but cannot get them. Many children cannot go to school. There have been random shootings of civilians, including children and women, by Israeli soldiers at checkpoints."

Caritas said the attacks were aimed at undermining any prospect for a political settlement and "the just cause of the Palestinian people".

The statement called for international monitors: "We believe an international monitoring presence should be sent to the Occupied Territories, since this could be a deterrent to violence and the violation of human rights."

Caritas Internationalis

Independent Catholic News

12 Apr 2002