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Adelaide Catholic school principal sacked over porn

A Catholic school principal has been dismissed for using his office computer to distribute hard-core adult pornography.

Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson ordered the dismissal yesterday after a month-long investigation by Catholic Education. An examination of the principal's computer hard drive by experts found a large quantity of the pornographic material.

Senior church officials said the computer had been used to access, store and distribute pornography.

"Some of the material had been there for two years and, from the data stored in the computer, he had certainly been receiving it and sending it for two years," said a church spokesman.

The principal's activities were uncovered when a Catholic Education staff member complained the principal had sent pornographic material on internal e-mails.

A report on his activities and those staff who received the e-mails was provided to Archbishop Wilson last week.

Catholic Education staff who received the material had been reprimanded.

Along with principals and other teachers, they have been told a policy being introduced by the church will result in instant dismissal for further offences.

The principal initially denied the allegations then admitted during interviews with Catholic Education officials, who produced material from his computer hard drive, that he had acted inappropriately.

The church would not reveal the identity of the principal, his school or whether it was primary or secondary.

Catholic Education South Australia

The Advertiser

10 Apr 2002