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Irish bishops announce sex abuse claims audit

Irish archbishop Dr Sean Brady has followed an emergency meeting of Ireland's Catholic bishops with the announcement of an independent audit into the controversy surrounding alleged clerical child sexual abuse.

The church's 30 bishops in Ireland discussed their contribution to the Government's inquiry into alleged abuse by priests, which is to be led by Irish lawyer George Birmingham.

Afterwards, Archbishop Brady said all information which was relevant and necessary to discover the truth would be made available to the auditors.

The terms and reference of the audit are still being drawn up.

The bishops' meeting in Maynooth followed a protest at the weekend when more than 150 demonstrators protested in Dublin over the issue.

The protesters called for the resignation of Dublin Archbishop Cardinal Desmond Connell, who was celebrating a Mass to mark the birth of the founder of the Christian Brothers religious order in Ireland. Many of the protesters said they had been abused by the Christian Brothers.

Statement of the Irish Bishops' Conference following Extraordinary General Meeting (8/4/02)
Bishops to consider status of all sexual abuse files (Irish Times)


9 Apr 2002