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Catholics cautioned against African Bible

The Archbishop of Nairobi has cautioned Kenyan Catholics against an "African Bible" that is being offered as an alternative to approved editions of Scripture.

Speaking to thousands of faithful on Easter Sunday in Nairobi, Archbishop Ndingi Mwana A' Nzeki said Catholics were not forbidden to read the "African Bible", but that they should not be influenced by the book.

The Archbishop's remarks were the first serious response by a Catholic leader to the "African Bible", which is now circulating in manuscript form and must not be confused with the African Bible which was approved by the Kenya Episcopal Conference in 1999.

The volume - written by the prominent author David Mailu and several African scholars - is a controversial text, based on the premise that Africans need their own Bible in order to build up their own religion. The authors argue that the Bible as a whole is written only for white men and the Old Testament only for Jews. Archbishop Ndingi rejected those claims, stressing that Christianity does not belong to any race or nation but "is the religion of the followers of Christ".

Approved African Bible (Pauline)


5 Apr 2002