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Church will give to child victim fund

The Catholic Church in Queensland has announced that it will contribute money to the Forde Foundation, which helps victims of abuse in government and church-run institutions.

This comes three years after the Forde inquiry issued its report on abusive practices in Queensland institutions, and two years since the establishment of the foundation by the Beattie Government.

Archbishop John Bathersby said on Wednesday that Queensland bishops had discussed contributing to the fund at a meeting last month and had also held talks on the issue with the Anglican Church and the Salvation Army.

``There is a general consensus that we would like to contribute something,'' he said. ``In this ecumenical age, it was felt it would be good to do something together.''

Anglican Archbishop Phillip Aspinall refused to be drawn on the issue, saying the church was ``still considering the matter''.

Archbishop Bathersby said no amount had yet been fixed, nor a timeframe set.

Salvation Army southern Queensland head James Condon confirmed that a consensus appeared to exist between the three church groups, and said the matter would be finalised this year.

The Beattie Government established the foundation in 2000 to help former residents of government and church-run institutions rebuild their lives via small grants made after biannual funding rounds to assist with education, health and family reunion costs.

Courier Mail

5 Apr 2002