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Brazilian cardinal questions celibacy

Cardinal Paolo Arns, retired Archbishop of Sao Paulo, has criticised the obligatory celibacy of priests in an interview published by the Brazilian newspaper O Globo.

Arns said that while he believes Church policy will not change during the present papacy, celibacy should be an option rather than a requirement.

Cardinal Arns said that celibacy was a rule imposed by the Church, which did not come from the Bible, and that the first pope, St Peter, was married.

He said that he himself preferred to be single because it allowed him to dedicate himself completely to the Church, but others, he said, need the companionship of a woman.

According to the BBC, others have stressed out that Cardinal Arns was expressing a personal opinion, not that of the Brazilian Church.

O Globo Online
Paulo Evaristo Cardinal Arns, O.F.M.


29 Apr 2002