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Pope says don't ban children from watching TV

Parents should not ban children from watching television - instead TV producers should make "programs that promote the growth of the person, the sense of goodness, the capacity to address correctly to most difficult aspects of life," according to Pope John Paul II.

The Holy Father was speaking on Saturday to a congress of the Catholic Union of the Italian Press.

He said: "Frequently, television becomes the main point of reference for boys, with its improper values and functions, which exert a negative influence on their development, especially when they spend a long time in front of the screen, which virtually substitutes the presence of parents."

"Therefore, it is urgent to offer products that, while respecting pedagogical dynamics and ethical values, keep in mind the sensitivity and educational exigencies of boys."

John Paul II addressed the relation of other means of communication with children and adolescents, especially Internet, and requested communicators to commit themselves "with discernment and at the same time initiative" to offer services "that guarantee future generations an environment free of all manipulation and abuse."


22 Apr 2002