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Pax Christi vigil in Washington urges end to US military actions

Nearly 200 supporters of the Catholic peace organisation Pax Christi gathered at Washington's Freedom Plaza last week to honour lost lives, raise their voices in song and lift up in prayer all those suffering as a result the war on terrorism.

Gathered to show their patriotism and challenge what they called America's unmitigated military aggression, the vigil commemorated six months since the terrorist attacks on American soil.

Asserting that "our grief is not a cry for war," the national Catholic peace movement rallied supporters during the public vigil, which concluded their March 8-10 leadership summit and closed a day of meetings with congressional leaders.

"Because no one in the administration has yet described what a victory over terrorism means or how we might measure success, we have set in motion an endless cycle of violence and endless war," said Tom Cordaro, president of the Pax Christi USA national council.


Pax Christi USA

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19 Mar 2002