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Vatican targeting sex abuse in world tourism

The sexual exploitation of children in tourism was the subject of Church scrutiny at a meeting of the World Tourism Organisation on Saturday.

Archbishop Piero Monni, the Vatican's permanent observer at the tourism organisation, severely condemned pederasty during the 10th meeting of the group's task force for the protection of children.

The meeting in Berlin aims to set out a plan of action against the exploitation of minors.

Archbishop Monni presented the book The Archipelago of Shame: Sexual Tourism and Pederasty.

"The root of this unseemly business and of all forms of exploitation is always and everywhere the same: a deviant perception of the other as an inferior being," the archbishop said, "because forms of exploitation increase where there is poverty and lack of respect for a person's dignity."


World Trade Organisation

Mons Piero Monni: Sexual Exploitation Of Children Results from Erosion Of Values



18 Mar 2002