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Pope appeals for help for all women in difficulty

On International Woman's Day, John Paul II appealed for help for all women in difficulty.

The Holy Father made this appeal when he met with members of the Tra Noi (Among Us) movement, which for the past 50 years has been committed to the aid of domestic employees, as well as other marginalised members of society.

The Pope took advantage of the occasion to express his "spiritual closeness to women in difficulty, hoping that there will always be persons near them who are ready to support them, so that they can fully realize their aspirations."

The Tra Noi movement arose when Fr Sebastiano Plutino, a religious of the Little Work of Divine Providence, brought together women working as domestics to assist other women in their line of work, as well as victims of social marginalisation. The movement spread throughout Italy and to other countries, notably Brazil.

John Paul II encouraged the members, saying that "social categories, old and new, at risk or marginalised, await your service."

Among the neediest, the Holy Father mentioned "immigrants, elderly people in difficulty, and youths seeking solid points of reference."

"By spreading the 'spirituality of acceptance' you can be the authors of an authentic universal fraternity, in which every human being feels accepted without distinctions of social class, religion, culture or nationality," John Paul II told the members during a private audience.


Tra Noi Movement

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11 Mar 2002