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Pell says patients are patients, not clients

Catholic health should not become "submerged in finance", the Archbishop of Sydney, Archbishop Pell, said on a visit to the Darlinghurst campus of the recently amalgamated St Vincent's and Mater Health Sydney.

"For example," he told The Catholic Weekly, "I never like patients to be referred to as clients.

"I don't like that sort of economic language because it can really start to influence ways of thinking.

"We're here to serve people," the archbishop said. "That humanitarian (aspect) is central to the Catholic tradition."

Dr Pell described St Vincent's and Mater Health as a flagship of Catholic health and a national front-runner in heart and lung transplant surgery.

"It's a great organ of service and I certainly will do everything to see that it maintains this level of service and that it maintains and even improves its forefront position in medicine and in research."


St Vincent's

Mater Sydney


Catholic Weekly

8 Mar 2002