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Italian cardinal condemns gambling, lotteries

Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi of Genoa has taken a strong position against gambling, lotteries, and games of chance.

Speaking at a gambling convention organised by his own archdiocese, the Genoa prelate said the opposition to games of chance was an obvious matter of common sense, and therefore should be recognised as a universal moral law. He argued that government and society at large should undertake a drive to stop gambling.

"Man is not made for games games are made for man," Cardinal Tettamanzi said. He acknowledged that games can offer a source of relaxation and enjoyment which are "necessary and sometimes essential." But he argued that "when the game is motivated by profit," the results can "dominate" individuals, "depriving them of their freedom to act and chaining them in servitude."

He also observed that gambling discourages honest work.

The cardinal said that society takes "a contradictory and schizophrenic position" when public expenses are subsidised by lotteries. He said the same contradictory attitude is on display when some forms of gambling are prohibited, but others receive official sanction and even encouragement.


Diocese of Genoa

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6 Mar 2002