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Priest installs mobile phone jammer in church

A Spanish priest frustrated by mobile phones ringing during Mass has installed an electronic jammer to keep his flock in tune with God.

Fr Francisco Llopis, parish priest of the Church of the Defenseless, in Moraira, south east Spain, said the phones' rings are incompatible with quiet worship.

Fr Llopis's church is the first in the country to install such a device, which transmits low-power radio signals that sever communications between mobiles and their base stations.

He said that when he flicks the switch: "I ensure that the religious service is celebrated within the parameters of prayer."

The controversial technology is designed to create quiet zones in places like restaurants, cinemas and libraries.

Commercial jamming systems are illegal in the US, Canada and Britain but some countries such as Australia and Japan allow limited use.

Y Cristianos de Moraira


28 Mar 2002