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LA Cardinal praises Hollywood for values revolution

"11 September 11 had a very important impact on segments of the film and TV industry in our country," said the cardinal, whose diocese includes Hollywood.

"Because of the shift in concerns and interests on the part of people -- a lot more toward God and prayer and spiritual matters -- there was a dramatic shift in what is going on" in the film and television industry, he said.

Meanwhile the Vatican has put the brakes on the movie industry using its territory for location shooting. Following a surge in requests for access, the Vatican issued new regulations forbidding the shooting of movies on its property.

"Given the large growth especially in Europe of the fiction movie genre, the risk that Vatican locations would be transformed into cinematographic sets seemed rather high," said Angelo Scelzo, undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

Published early in 2002, the norm puts in writing a long-standing policy of the council, the body charged with overseeing media access to the Vatican. It was contained in a revision of regulations that have been in place since 1964.

It reads "In no case will the council accept a request for a production which belongs to the genre of fiction or which proposes to use actors."


5 Mar 2002