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Pope mourns loss of 'genuine religious sense'

Addressing thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square, the Holy Father said that in "many realms of ancient Christian tradition, the genuine religious sense is unfortunately increasingly being lost".

That is why "it has become urgent for Christians to renew the awareness of their own identity," the Pope added before praying the midday Angelus.

"In other words, it is necessary that they rediscover their baptism, appreciating the inexhaustible spiritual vigor of sanctifying grace received in it, in order to transmit it to every realm of personal and social life," he said.

John Paul II said the "source of water that springs for eternal life is present in every baptised person, but must constantly be cleansed of the residues of sin, so that it is not suffocated and dried up."


Pope's Angelus address (3/3/02)



5 Mar 2002