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Vinnies not sure about school leaving age plan

The St Vincent de Paul Society has reacted cautiously to a Queensland Government proposal to increase the minimum school leaving age from 15 to 17.

The Catholic Leader reports that the Society said the proposition would have no positive effect on young people unless life skills were included as part of the curriculum.

St Vincent de Paul state president Tim O'Connor said the government needs to ensure the scheme is not aimed solely at keeping unemployment figures down for that age group.

"To keep at risk students out of the welfare system, they need to me taught life skills like budgeting and self-esteem," he said. "Otherwise, when they leave school, they will face the same problems they would have at age 15."

St Vincent de Paul Society (Qld)
Life skills needed or extra school years useless (media release, Word format)

Catholic Leader

21 Mar 2002