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US Bishops' President expresses 'profound sorrow' for clergy sex abuse

The president of the of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops expressed "profound sorrow" for the sexual abuse of children by priests, suggesting that the harm they have caused is "immeasurable".

In a two-page statement on behalf of the bishops this week, Bishop Wilton D. Gregory said such abuse "is a reality against which we must be ceaselessly on guard."

He said: "We understand that your children are your most precious gift. They are our children as well, and we continue to apologize to the victims and to their parents and their loved ones for this failure in our pastoral responsibilities."

He acknowledged that there are "cases of priest abusers that were not dealt with appropriately in the past" but said the bishops have been working hard to take corrective measures and protect children.

Statement of Bishop Wilton D. Gregory