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Vandals desecrate Cathedral's MacKillop statue

Brisbane's Cathedral Administrator Fr Peter Dillon is considering further restrictions to access to St Stephen's Cathedral following damage to a life-size statue of Mary McKillop at the weekend.

Some time on Saturday afternoon, someone snapped four fingers and the thumb from the statue's right hand.

Fr Dillon described the attack on the statue as 'absolutely shocking'.

'We're terribly upset,' he said. 'It's so disappointing that a person could do this.'

The pieces were left on the floor and the statue's sculptor, John Elliott, is looking at ways to reinstate them.

Sculptor John Elliott created the statue from the trunk of a 100 year-old camphor laurel tree.

Archbishop John Bathersby described the vandalism of the statue as 'an insult to everything Mary MacKillop stood for'.

'Perhaps it's an indicator of the times in which we live, when there are people with too much time on their hands,' he said.

Pictured: Sculptor John Elliott surveying the damage to the statue

The Cathedral of Saint Stephen (Brisbane's Living Heritage)

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