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Archbishop tells students heaven is more than a night club

The life of St Therese of Lisieux has a Valentine's Day message of love and hope, especially for young people, Adelaide's Archbishop Philip Wilson told a congregation of 1000 Catholic school children yesterday.

He made the remarks during at a special Mass attended by school children from 17 Catholic schools in St Francis Xavier Cathedral to celebrate the visit to Adelaide of the relics of the young saint known as The Little Flower.

"In The Advertiser today there is page after page of messages of love from people telling others how much they love them and care for them. Some even have invitations to marry," he said.

"This is serious stuff. And there are many people who will come to the end of the day and feel rejected, and feel they are not appreciated for themselves, that the person who is supposed to love them doesn't love them to the extent they should."

Archbishop Wilson said on Wednesday night, while out getting petrol, he noticed people lined up in West Terrace outside "a place called Heaven", a night club.

"There were people lined up outside Heaven waiting to get in. But this is a strange Heaven because to get in you have to pass through a metal detector. The Heaven Therese asks us to enter is the Heaven we can enter in our lives while we are still alive here on earth.

"St Therese of Lisieux has a message for us as we celebrate St Valentine's Day in the presence of her relics. Therese teaches us that by placing our hand in the hand of Jesus and trusting in his teachings and the teachings of the church then we will enter Heaven and discover happiness for ourselves."

Children piled rose petals around the ornate reliquary containing the relics of the saint described by Pope John Paul II as the most important saint of the modern era. Noting the rose petals, Archbishop Wilson said today was a day for roses throughout the State as people sent their loved ones red roses for Valentine's Day.

The relics left the cathedral for Port Pirie and Whyalla earlier this morning.

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