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Catholics stronger on brand loyalty

Catholic churchgoers are more loyal to their denomination but less loyal to their parish than their Protestant counterparts, according to preliminary results from Australia's National Church Life Survey.

The Catholic Weekly reports that more than 400,000 churchgoers in more than 7000 Australian churches across 19 denominations took part in the survey last May, making it one of the largest surveys of its kind in the world.

It was the first year that Catholic parishioners took part in the survey.

According to Ruth Powell, communications manager for the survey, Protestants surveyed were loyal to their particular parish, but also more likely to change to another denomination if it better suited their needs.

Conversely, Catholics were happy to change parishes but stayed true to the Church.

"21% (of Catholics) have transferred between parishes in the last five years," Ms Powell said. "When a Protestant moves, the whole list (of denominations) is up for grabs.

"The brand is less important. They will move based on a whole lot of things - the fact that it's Anglican is less important."

National Church Life Survey

Catholic Weekly