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Files reveal Beijing's secret crackdown on religion

A religious freedom monitoring centre in the US has released an analysis of seven top-secret Chinese government documents detailing an official crackdown against large, unregistered Christian churches and other religious groups.

The documents, issued between April 1999 and October 2001, detail the goals and actions of China's national, provincial and local security officials in repressing religion. The were verified for the centre - Freedom House - by exiled former Chinese government journalist, Su Xiaokang.

They show that China's government, at the highest levels, aims to repress religious expression outside its control, and is using more determined, systematic and harsher criminal penalties in this effort.

Hu Jin-tao, designated as the successor of President Jiang Zemin, is quoted in the document as endorsing the drive against the Real God church. The Minister of Public Security is quoted giving the order to "smash the cult quietly".

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