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Sisters of Mercy slam Govt refugee policy

The Mercy Foundation is supporting today's protest outside Parliament House, Canberra, to highlight "the absolute need for change of government policy to protect the human rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers".

The Foundation's Executive Secretary, Sr Eveline Crotty, accused the Federal Government of failing to provide a response to refugees that honours their human rights.

A number of groups will take part in peaceful protest actions on the lawns of Parliament House this afternoon. The action aims to persuade the Howard Government to back down on its refugee policy.

"It is time for all these voices to be heard and heeded," she said. "Australia needs to find more human ways to honour its obligations and express compassion."

Sr Crotty said that, in the "absence of moral leadership from our elected representatives", it is necessary for Catholics and all people of compassion, "to say clearly that we want the Government's policy and practices changed".

The Mercy Foundation, which regards Advocacy for Social Justice as one of its important activities, is a work of the North Sydney Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy. It has joined other religious congregations and groups in supporting the Asylum Seekers Centre's work and has provided access to health care.

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