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Gay priest defies bishop's suspension

A Spanish priest has announced in a gay magazine that he is an active homosexual, and that he plans to continue in active ministry despite being suspended by his bishop.

39 year old Fr Josť Mantero, from a parish near the southern port city of Huelva, said: "I give thanks to God for being gay. I am not exactly celibate."

Huelva's Bishop Ignacio Carmona said that he greatly regretted Father Mantero's actions. "Necessary measures would be taken," his spokesman said.

"First he started wearing an earring," one parishioner explained. "Then he dyed his hair blond. That is when people started to talk."

An older parishioner quoted by The Times said: "Everyone is as God made them."

Fr Mantero told the magazine that he sees no contradiction between his homosexual activity and his priestly function. "It's perfectly natural," he said. "There are thousands of us."


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