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Group vows to hand out condoms at World Youth Day

The group Catholics for a Free Choice has launched a campaign in Toronto to target the 750,000 youth expected at the forthcoming World Youth Day.

The campaign includes billboard and public transit advertising as well as a planned condom and information distribution at the Catholic event featuring Pope John Paul II.

Kathleen Howes, Canadian coordinator of the group said the condoms to be offered to the youth delegates would carry the message, "Don't leave it up to your Guardian Angel". The billboards, two of which are already up in the Toronto area say, "Because the bishops ban condoms, innocent people die."

Monsignor Peter Schonenbach, General Secretary of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, told the Globe and Mail that the group has a right to express its point of view.

He said: "It's a free country. They can do what they want."

Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition said that "the Church's position on these issues is solid". He added that "developments in society at large have proven that the moral teachings of John Paul II are vastly superior and more loving towards young people than the corrupting policies of the Playboy Foundation financed CFCC ."

Condom ban kills, ads to say (Globe and Mail 1/2/02)
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