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NSW MP tells Pope his image being used to condone gambling

A NSW Upper House MP has written to Pope John Paul II suggesting he order the Campbelltown Catholic Club to remove his photograph from the club foyer because it is a place of vice.

Peter Breen, who was elected as an independent to the Upper House in 1999, is worried the Pope would be shocked to find he is being used to condone drinking and gambling.

"Personally, I find it unsettling that the Catholic Church would lend its name to a club that extracts more than $20 million each year from a comparatively poor community in money spent on drinking and gambling," Mr Breen wrote in the letter, sent yesterday and also broadcast on ABC Radio National's Perspective program.

Addressing the Holy Father, he wrote: "I doubt that you would sanction drinking and gambling on such a scale, but there you are, large as life, directly above the club's reception desk."

Perspective (ABC Radio National) - click here to listen to audio of MPs letter
The Hon. Peter James Breen, MLC (NSW Parliament website)