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Vinnies gives qualified supuport for NSW Depression Institute

St Vincent de Paul Society researcher Colin Robinson has welcomed the NSW government's announcement of funds to establish a depression research institute.

The Catholic Weekly reports Mr Robinson's citing St Vincent de Paul Society research that said there was a link between depression and related disorders and poverty and homelessness.

Around 6% of the population are believed to suffer a depression related disorder at any one time, compared with 26% of the homeless population.

NSW Premier Bob Carr has announced $8.2 million in government funding to establish the Black Dog Institute at Sydney's Prince of Wales Hospital. The government will provide an initial $3.2 million in capital investment, followed by $5 million over five years to support programs at the institute.

"Depression is a major problem (for those in poverty), and one that often goes untreated," Mr Robinson said.

He added that homeless people and those in poverty often lack access to psychiatric services.

While welcoming the institute, Mr Robinson asked: "How is the institute going to help people who are in poverty or homeless?"

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