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Salesian leader vows to fight individualism in youth

The Salesians' Vicar General has told his congregation's chapter that while young people are open to religion, they have adopted values that are "rather personal and do not concern the common good".

Fr Luc Van Looy gave his opening address to the 25th General Chapter in Rome, called to elect a new Superior General followoing the death of Fr Juan Vecchi.

Fr Van Looy said: "Interest in religion has not been lost, indeed, religious movements are flourishing, but ... what counts is individual thought and the choices are done on this basis, with the consequence that the values which have been adopted are rather personal and do not concern the common good."

He argued that individualism also has an impact on young people's sense of wrongdoing.

"The sense of sin has become obscured and the justification of ones own own actions and attitudes is being led by one's own thought and by one's own feeling," he said.

Fr Van Looy also called for the "complete integration" of young Salesians into the Congregation's works, as "many young people confreres are afraid to have to take on the responsibility of the great works tomorrow and they want to work with at a different pace."

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