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Pope wants priests and seminarians to study in Rome

John Paul II has exhorted priests and seminarians to study in Rome, arguing that the 'eternal city' is the heart of Christianity and they will discover "new horizons for their work of evangelisation".

The Holy Father made this suggestion in a message to Argentina's bishops on the occasion of the inauguration of the Argentine Priests College. The Vatican Press Office published the message on Monday.

Many bishops' conferences have centres in Rome where priests and seminarians can finish their studies. Unlike other Latin American countries, Argentina previously had no such centre.

While residing at these colleges, students can pursue their studies at the pontifical universities and athenaeums of Rome.

John Paul II says the city gives students the chance to meet their counterparts from other parts of the world and to benefit from contacts with "different ecclesial realities."

Students can also experience the places where the early Christians, and other generations of the faithful, showed their fidelity to Jesus, the Pope explained.

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