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French report seeks acknowledgement of homosexuality in religious communities

The Church should take steps to deal with sexuality and affectivity in its formation of priests and religious, according to Fr Julien Potel, author of a 90 page report titled Priests, Laymen, Religious and Homosexuality.

He told a Swiss news agency that it is "a certain fact" that there are more homosexuals within ecclesiastical structures than in the general community. He said that precise statistics have been suppressed because of the hierarchy's condemnation of homosexual practices.

Fr Potel said that during his survey, he met gay priests and religious "with a lively sensitivity and intelligence who are carrying out their ministry with profit".

He called on the Church to acknowledge the fact that homosexuals are present in religious institutions in significant numbers.

"In a general sense, I would liked for the Church to have a more positive comprehension as regards homosexuality, that it accepts it," he said. LINKS
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