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Accused Anglican sought Catholic priesthood

A former Anglican priest appointed by Governor-General Peter Hollingworth to a church committee on sexual abuse, despite having been the subject of abuse allegations, later unsuccessfully tried to become a Catholic priest.

The Archbishop of Hobart, Adrian Doyle, confirmed to The Sunday Age newspaper that former Anglican priest Ross McAuley had applied to become a Catholic priest after moving to Tasmania.

Archbishop Doyle confirmed in a media statement that Mr McAuley had been received into the Catholic Church in Tasmania in July 1999 and had subsequently tried unsuccessfully to become a priest.

Mr McAuley had spent several months in Devonport in 2000 "with a view to the priesthood".

"However, Mr McAuley's candidacy for the priesthood did not continue," the statement said. "Details as to the reasons why remain confidential between Archbishop Doyle and Mr McAuley."

Mr McAuley is now believed to be living in a Victorian town.

Sunday Age