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$9bn pledged to rebuild Afghanistan

The international community has promised $Au9 billion to rebuild Afghanistan.

Sixty countries attended the Tokyo conference on rebuilding the war-torn nation, which wrapped up yesterday afternoon.

The pledges amounted to more than was initially expected and will more than cover the nation's immediate needs.

However, there is still some concern about the international community's long-term commitment.

The United Nations believe Afghanistan will need $Au20 billion over the next few years.

The United Nations also warns that insecurity throughout Afghanistan is the single largest barrier to rebuilding the country and getting help to people in need.

The warning comes amid unconfirmed reports by the Pakistan based Afghan Islamic Press of fighting among former anti-Taliban allies in the northern province of Kunduz.

Meanwhile, 40 tonnes of wheat has been seized from a warehouse run by a World Food Program partner organisation in Afghanistan's north-western Faryab province.

Armed Uzbeks stormed the compound, beat staff and destroyed vehicles, renewing fears that relief supplies will not get to those who need them, especially throughout the winter.

ABC News