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Assisi causing string of parallel peace events around world

At short notice the Assisi Meeting on Thursday has sparked a string of meetings and Church services around the world echoing the call for peace. Fides News Agency reports: "The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, has called an ecumenical, interreligious encounter on January 24, the Day of Prayer for Peace, at Buenos Aires Cathedral in the spirit of Assisi. Anglicans, Orthodox, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists have accepted the invitation."

As part of an appeal for world peace by the Pope, the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart has invited all Melbourne people, of whatever religion, to attend a special Mass for Peace next Thursday, 24 January.

In Sydney Archbishop George Pell will offer a special Vigil Mass for the intention of lasting world peace this evening (January 23) at 5.30pm at St Mary's Cathedral.

The discussion board of Catholic Telecommunication News contains a place to publicise local events to be held in conjunction with the meeting of World Religious Leaders in Assisi.

In Indonesia, Fides reports: Dr Th Sumartana, a protestant Christian scholar, director of the Interfidei Institute an interreligious dialogue forum in Yogyakarta (Central Java), said: "this is a genuine gesture, a good example, made by a Catholic leader anxious to enhance ties among religions for the sake of peace and justice in the whole world". Dr. Sumartana, who lectures at the Catholic University of Sanata Dharma, in Yogyakarta, is working with leaders of other religious communities for a Malino Interreligious Meeting January 21-24 in Malino (Sulawesi) where a recent peace agreement put an end to a series of ethnic-religious clashes. Over 100 participants will attend the meeting to build mutual understanding among religious leaders and NGO activists. "By identifying the roots of conflict, a better understanding of respective positions can be reached. We must work to build peaceful co-existence among Indonesians and the only way is genuine dialogue" Dr Sumartana, explained adding that he finds informal meetings sometimes more effective that those sponsored by government bodies.

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