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Catholics slam food art exhibit

The Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights in the USA is protesting against an exhibit at a Californian food and wine museum that depicts the Pope and nuns defecating.

Activists from the group say the work by Spanish artist Antoni Miralda has no place in a museum funded in part by tax dollars, including money from Catholics.

The exhibit, titled "Active Ingredients," also displays miniature figures of Santa Claus and Fidel Castro in similar poses.

"Catholics in the state of California are paying to have their religion depicted in a way that's offensive," said Patrick Scully, a spokesman for the Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights. "This exhibit is insulting. It's gratuitous. It's unnecessary."

"These figurines symbolise the cycle of eating and fertilisation of the earth, which is a requisite for future existence," wrote Copia Executive Director Peggy Loar.

In the past, the Catholic League has launched campaigns against "anti-religious" exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum of Art gallery, including a portrait of the Virgin Mary smeared in elephant dung and an interpretation of a famous Leonardo da Vinci painting showing a near-naked African woman in place of the Christ figure. The work was called "Yo Mama's Last Supper," Scully said.

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