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Argentinian Bishops say everyone must build new homeland

Argentina's bishops have issued a New Year call for the country's population, and political leaders in particular, to act with responsibility as the nation remains on the brink of chaos.

"We are perplexed, but we continue to hope, because God is faithful, he never abandons his children," said Archbishop Estanislao Karlic of Parana, in a New Year statement issued by the Argentinean Bishops' Conference, of which he is President.

"The people are shocked by recent events which reveal the depth of the moral crisis which shows itself in the economy," he continued. "It is necessary to renounce personal or party interests which do not correspond to the dignity of the political calling."

Archbishop Karlic said political leaders should be ready to make sacrifices, to work for the good of all.

"The entire population must take part in the building of a new Argentina, putting aside all temptation to act with hatred and violence."

Conferencia Episcopal Argentina