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What is the Pope seeking to achieve?

Reaction to the comments of Pope John Paul regarding divorce and the part that lawyers play in the process continued yesterday. The BBC ran a story, "Pope upholds traditional beliefs", seeking to explore what the Pope is seeking to achieve. The broadcaster reports: "some Vatican observers believe he sees the Church as a kind of "counter culture", in which divine law takes precedence over civil laws passed by governments. But his call to Catholic lawyers to boycott divorce cases on moral grounds has startled church members."

The BBC reports says: "The Pope's latest comments are expected to cause dismay among some Catholics in "progressive" countries like Germany and the United States, where many bishops take a sympathetic view of divorced members of their flock planning a second marriage."

The Zenit News Agency today published three separate reports examining different aspects of the territory His Holiness was seeking to raise debate about. The first report provides general coverage of the Pope's address: "If marriage is not forever, it is not marriage, and without marriage the family, the very foundation of society, is undermined, John Paul II said today, when suggesting positive ways to combat the 'divorce' mentality."

The second reports focuses on the Pope's comments to members of the legal profession. The third report discusses the annulment process within the Church. "Declarations of marital nullity passed by ecclesiastical tribunals should be a 'pastoral' service of the Church to the indissolubility of marriage," John Paul II says. His comments in this third article are more directed to ecclesiastical judges.

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