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Perth Catholic uni establishes Philosophy and Ethics school

A separate school of Philosophy and Ethics has emerged from Notre Dame University's College of Theology.

The University's newsletter In Principio reports that the University is hoping to expand the program, from which it requires students to take units as part of their core curriculum.

Head of the School, Dr Brian Mooney, said the establishment of a separate school for the discipline was an important development for the university and demonstrated how the College of Theology was growing.

"There is a close relationship between philosophy and ethics and theology in Catholic Universities worldwide," Dr Mooney said. "It is seen as one of the central disciplines of Catholic universities."

He said the new school would give philosophy and ethics a greater profile in the university.

"Part of my vision for the school is that it make its mark both within the university and the wider academic community," Dr Mooney said.

He said the school had developed from a program and now taught more students than any other school in the university.

"All students are required as part of their core curriculum to study philosophy and ethics," Dr Mooney said.

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