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Terrorised Scottish priest found dead

A priest tormented by a sectarian terror campaign was found dead on Thursday.

Fr Peter Sweeney was discovered in his armchair in the parish house at St. John Ogilvie in Easterhouse, Glasgow. Later, it was disclosed that the 50-year-old had complained of stomach pains on Wednesday and was due to see his doctor.

A parishioner told the Scottish Daily Record: "The terror and violence had damaged his health. God alone knows how he suffered at the hands of these louts and idiots. They tried to fire-bomb him out of Easterhouse. He was still putting up with it only days ago."

In October Fr Sweeney, who had been a priest for 25 years, revealed he had been the target of a six-month sectarian hate campaign after a gang of anti-Catholic thugs tried to burn him alive in his church.

Glasgow Archdiocese spokesman Ronnie Convery said yesterday: "[Father Sweeney] was much loved by the Easterhouse people and gave up a chance to move in September."

Police confirmed they were investigating but said there were no suspicious circumstances.