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Australian Catholic University wins award for its compassion

The Australian Catholic University has outshone corporate heavyweights in helping its 800-odd employees balance their work and personal lives.

The Catholic Weekly reports that it has been named Best Provider of Work/Life Balance in the inaugural Australian Human Resources Awards over companies such as Macquarie Bank, Ernst and Young, IBM, Nokia and Johnson and Johnson.

The vice chancellor, Prof Peter Sheehan, said: "We specifically set out to develop effective strategies to recruit, develop and retrain staff, many of whom are women, younger people and people with family commitments. And these same commitments affect many of the men that work alongside them."

Nominations for the award were sought from 10,000 human resource managers and professionals, consultant and recruitment companies, government departments and professional bodies and public organisations.

Prof Sheehan said the university's groundbreaking maternity leave prov isions - announced in August - had attracted considerable interest. Its other parental leave provisions include paternity, adoption, foster parenting, child rearing leave, leave to support carer and for other responsibilities, as well as flexibility on parttime work and job sharing.

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