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Pax Christi seeks UN intervention in Holy Land

The Pax Christi International Catholic Movement has sent a message to the president of the UN Security Council calling for UN intervention in the Holy Land.

In the message addressed to Moctar Ouane, Mali's permanent representative at the United Nations and president of the Security Council, Pax Christi asserted that it "condemns all acts of violence in Israel and Palestine in recent weeks."

The message continued: "We deeply mourn the many innocent lives lost and extend our condolences to family and friends of the victims. We reject as inexcusable all attacks against civilians, no matter who carries them out."

Pax Christi called on the United Nations to take immediate steps and begin initiatives to halt the violence and military actions on both sides.

According to Pax Christi, both sides should return to negotiations based on the framework of international law and all the relevant UN resolutions and Geneva conventions.

Pax Christi