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Melbourne Archbishop defends sexual abuse commission

Melbourne's Archbishop Denis Hart has defended the independent Commission into Sexual Abuse set up by his predecessor, Dr George Pell.

The commission was established to hear complaints against priests and award compensation to victims.

The move comes after three Melbourne Catholic priests successfully appealed to the Vatican about the way the commission handled their cases. The Vatican has requested changes be made to the system.

Archbishop Hart said archdiocesan authorities will review the investigative procedures, but the end result will be the same.

"I believe that Archbishop Pell's action was totally justified," he said. "I endorse it completely, I believe it's compassionate to victims and I believe it's a just response on behalf of the church to what is an awful travesty of justice.

"Anyone who comes to a priest expecting trust to be betrayed is just beyond my imagination."

Dealing with clergy abuse allegations (Editorial, The Age, 11/12/01)