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Australian Catholic women ready for action

The Bishops' Commission for Australian Catholic Women finalised its Action Plan at a Commission meeting held at the National Secretariat in Canberra late last month.

The Action Plan informs the Commission of ways in which to implement their mandate from the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference to facilitate the greater participation of women in the Catholic Church in Australia.

An immediate action from the plan centres around the development of effective relationships between the Commission and each of the dioceses throughout Australia. As a result the Bishops have nominated women from their dioceses to be the link between the commission and the dioceses. These nominees will be invited to take part in a formation weekend early in 2002 in the four regions of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

"The actions of the Commission are underpinned by dialogue at all levels of Church. Our primary task is to listen to the many voices as they express and explore their longings and hold in healthy tension the wide variety of responses which we hear and find ways of honouring those while remaining faithful to the teachings of Jesus," said Mrs Geraldine Hawkes, Chairperson of the Commission for Australian Catholic Women.

"We are conscious that the joint decision of the Bishops of Australia to promote the greater participation of women in the Church in Australia is largely unknown in many parish communities. One of our other tasks, therefore, is to reach these people through the republication of the Bishops decisions and proposals as contained in the Social Justice Statement 2000."

Commission for Australian Catholic Women Action Plan (summary)
Commission for Australian Catholic Women Action Plan (PDF document)