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Newcastle nursing home finally closes

The controversial closure of St Catherine of Siena Nursing Home, Waratah, in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese, was finally completed yesterday.

It took five months to effect the closure of the home, which was the victim of Government funding cuts and increasing requirements for accreditation.

Of the final four residents, three were transferred to St Joseph's Home, Sandgate, and one was admitted to hospital overnight because of illness.

In announcing the closure, Mr Ralph Watson, Chief Executive Office of Catholic Care of the Aged said, "Our primary responsibility is our duty of care to our residents. We could no longer guarantee the supply of staff, the safety and security of residents and staff, nor the general quality of care for the residents."

"Under these circumstances Catholic Care of the Aged had no alternative than to transfer the residents to St Joseph's Home Sandgate."

Mr Watson added, "We deeply regret that to date we have been unable to comply with the wishes of the residents' relatives regarding nursing home accommodation but the well-being of the residents must be put first."

Govt cuts force closure of Newcastle Catholic nursing home

Maitland-Newcastle Diocese