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Nicaraguan bishop says "Shoot The TV!"

Nicaraguan Bishop Abelardo Matta Guevara of Esteli has told Catholics that they should be willing to "shoot the TV set", if necessary, to protect their family life.

Catholic World News reports that during a Christmas Mass celebrated at Esteli's cathedral, Bishop Matta addressed the crisis of family life, pointing to the fact that the growing presence of violent youth gangs had forced the diocese to cancel all late-night Masses on Christmas Eve.

"Obviously our city of Esteli requires a deep process of healing," he said; "but this process will only start from within our homes."

"We urgently need to recover family unity and spiritual principles, because our society is falling apart because of the lack of virtues," said Bishop Matta.

Speaking to parents, the bishop said that "you must be willing to do everything possible to protect values within your families. Shoot the TV set if it is necessary to keep anti-values away!"