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Perth Archbishop attacks university over sacking of Catholic Chaplain

Edith Cowan University in WA has been attacked by Archbishop Hickey for not following the correct procedures in the sacking of University Catholic Chaplain, Fr David Watt.

Fr Watt was sacked by the University last week for using the university's name and his position there as chaplain in an advertisement in the West Australian newspaper.

Fr Watt's name was among a long list of signatories from Christian churches attacking proposing State Government changes to the age of consent for homosexual people.

On Saturday, the West Australian newspaper came out with a strong editorial condemning the University. The editorial asserted that "Edith Cowan University has betrayed the principles of freedom of expression and thought that are central to a genuine university ethos".

In an article elsewhere in the paper Archbishop Barry Hickey is reported as having repeated on Friday "that he did not accept the decision, accusing the University of breaching its own guidelines concerning freedom of speech and dismissal".

University and Catholics in gay law row (The West Australian)

Vias Tuas